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Style Group News | 21st Party for Style Office celebrated in Style

21st Party for Style Office celebrated in Style


June 21st marked Style Office’s 21st Birthday and we celebrated in style, (excuse the pun), by holding a party at The Champagne Lounge situated in Grand Hotel.

A combination of staff, clients past and present and firm friends of the Company filled the lavishly decorated rooms and ensured a successful, enjoyable evening was had by all, (the champagne certainly flowed freely!)

As a Company, we welcomed the opportunity to entertain and mix with familiar and new faces on both a business and social level. The welcoming, relaxed atmosphere was created by the pleasing decor, complimented by a showcase movie provided by Steelcase. This was played on the large plasma screen television positioned as a key feature behind the bar and which set the tone splendidly.

The party also saw the launch of the innovative new partnership between Style Office and Green-works, which will bring environmental benefits by providing our customers with a recycling option for redundant office furniture.

Paul Watson; Director of Style Office addressed this issue in his speech which went down extremely well with all who attended the event. The informative, yet appropriately in-formal presentation spurred many a conversation about the history of the company as well as the new “green” initiative.

Having drawn the party to a flourishing close and made sure that everybody left with a Green-works goodie bag on their arm, members of the Style office team then took a longstanding customer, Mike Rawlings, out for a celebration dinner to mark his imminent retirement. Mike is expected to retire this summer after providing SG Hambros with over 14 years of dedicated service, knowledge and expertise. Style Office has worked closely with Mike over the years providing world class environments for both the Guernsey and the Jersey offices. We take this opportunity to wish him all the best for the future and what we hope will be many blissfully happy years spent on the golf course!

We would also like to thank everybody at Grand Hotel who assisted in the organisation and catering of the event. Not forgetting all who attended, we thoroughly enjoyed your company!