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Style Office News | Buzzispace comes to Jersey Style Office News | Buzzispace comes to Jersey
Style Office News | Buzzispace comes to Jersey

Buzzispace comes to Jersey


The Style Office team launched their new partnership with Buzzispace at the Pomme D'Or Hotel at the end of last month.

Style Office were delighted to welcome Robin Bayliss, Director of Buzzispace UK Limited to Jersey to introduce the Buzzispace ethos and portfolio to an audience at the Pomme.

Buzzispace products grew out of a need for acoustic products for ever noisier office environments. The Belgium born company is making a name for itself amongst designers and office managers by combining ecologically sound and acoustic products in innovative and funky designs.

"Our pitch is a simple one" says Robin, "the world is a noisier place primarily due to smartphones and tablets - the mobile worker has never been so mobile as he/she is today. Three key words when you go to work that it is a struggle to have a solution for - confidentiality, distractions and concentration."

"The aim of Buzzispace was to bring products to the markets that covered 3 key features - Acoustical products, Environmental products and Aesthetically-designed products. Meaning they have to reduce sound, they must be made from as much recycled or be recyclable as possible (all our felt used to be plastic bottles!) and the designs should be new and unique."

Style Office and Robin go way back to when Robin was part of the Steelcase dealer network in a former role and Robin confirmed that the relationship will continue to grow. " The key is to ensure you have the right partner re-sellers around the country and for me, Style Office was the right and only choice from day one for the Channel Islands. I know them all very well over a number of years and they are a professional workplace interiors company I know will look after my brand for the islands. We've already done a couple of projects in Jersey together which happened very quickly but our official launch at the Pomme D'Or in June really is the kick off and I expect business to be very fruitful because we just don't sell beautiful products, there really is genuine reason to buy our products, they look great yes but they perform, they have a reason."

At the launch at the Pomme D'Or, Style Office clients and architects and designers had a chance to see for themselves some of the products from the Buzzispace range including the Buzzibooth, Buzzicube, screens and "wallpapers".

There are over forty acoustic products in the Buzzispace portfolio - click here to find out more.