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Style Office News | Cobi is here!

Cobi is here!


Style Office now have in stock a sample of the new Cobi chair – quite possibly the most comfortable meeting chair on the planet!

We mentioned in our Winter 2010 newsletter that we would be getting a sample and it is now here and available for you to try out in your own offices.

Cobi is designed to flex and adjust to the body, keeping participants focused and engaged during meetings (loosely translates into “awake during meetings”!)

The flexing back and seat encourages the user to move and shift – you can adopt different seating postures and sit the way you want rather than the way a chair normally makes you sit – you can face forwards, sit on the chair sideways without being disturbed by the armrests and you can rest your arm comfortably along the top flexing back.

If you ever been in a meeting where you have felt yourself squirming in your seat, trying to stay comfortable and focused, you obviously weren’t sitting on a Cobi!


Click here to download more information about Cobi.

Contact any of our sales team on 744281 or email us at to arrange to try out the Cobi chair for yourself.