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Style Office Projects | Hospital Patient Records
Style Office Projects | Hospital Patient Records

Hospital Patient Records


Style Office have given a storage solution to a unique challenge in the Island - how best to design storage for thousands of hospital records stored at the General Hospital in a way which is secure, and lets staff find them quickly and easily.

Medical records are intrinsic to the work of Jersey's General Hospital, as a medical record is a file kept for each hospital patient and is maintained, updated and stored by the hospital following every patient appointment or episode.

David Ahier, senior project manager at the Hospital's engineering department said: "access to these files by the medical record staff is frequent, so ease of access and security of the files is paramount. The records at Jersey's General Hospital have been out-growing their existing storage system and the space available for them for some time. The old style carousel storage units could not accommodate their growing numbers and could not be configured into an easily accessible layout for the medical record staff.  As well as this, the area in which the files were stored was also in need of updating with improved lighting and air conditioning required."

Stephen Lilley at Currie and Brown was selected as Project Manager and following an intensive tender process, Style Office was selected to provide a storage solution for the environment.

Working with Stephen and David Ahier, Daniel Speck and Jane Rondel from the Hospital's Patients Records department, extensive research was carried out to find the best solution for the patient record files.

David added: "The main issues were that the new system had to be user friendly and space efficient as access and pick rates were critical to the patient's records team."

Style Office and Ecospace have worked together on storage solutions in Jersey for many years and with our experience, helped produce the design of a mobile storage system which could fit into the area proposed, accommodate all the files and provide easy access for the users.

In the old carousel units, the files were spread throughout the basement of the hospital and the requirement was for all the files to be consolidated into one area which would result in faster pick rates.

Mobile storage has an advantage over static storage, because only the aisle in use needs to be open, which means that the available storage space is almost doubled.

The layout of the system was also an essential part of the project, and many configurations were considered before a final layout was decided upon. Wider walkways together with careful bay spacing ensured that multiple users could pick files at a quick rate. Five levels of files were fitted in each bay to make the files accessible without the need for kick stools and over all, the new storage system now accommodates 1.5 kilometres of files.

The installation programme consisted of six stages with the first stage being the installation of static racking into an adjacent decant room with Good Moves moving files from the first area into the decant area allowing space for the fit-out contractors to replace the ceiling, lighting and air conditioning before finishing off with a fresh coat of paint. Our installation team then installed the first area of mobile storage after which the decanted files were moved into the new system before starting all over again with the second area.  In all, this process took three months to complete all six areas.

David said. "The final result is that the use of mobile shelving has enabled the existing space to be arranged more efficiently and now provides the required storage capacity and a much improved working environment for the staff within the Hospital Records department."