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AC Mauger Small Works News | Animal Shelter (JSPCA)

Animal Shelter (JSPCA)


Special Projects have been regularly involved in small works at the JSPCA Animal Shelter in the last year.

Working with Major Coleman, Chief Executive Officer of the JSPCA, the Special Projects team have established a close working relationship and are proud of this association with the JSPCA and support the work that the charity does.

Recent projects have involved:

  • Redecorating the administration block
  • Repair works and decoration of the integral accommodation within the main building
  • Repairs to the render and the roofs
  • Repair and renovation of the cattery and dog kennels
  • Timber repair works and decorations to one of the Animal Shelter off-site properties

Special Projects is due to carry out more work at the shelter including some wall panelling and also waterproofing the ducks’ pond!

The team always liaise closely with the Animal Shelter staff in order to minimise any disruption to the resident animals and fit in with their schedules.